The Master’s in Economics (MSc) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) is a one-year programme, offering six specialisations: Behavioural Economics & Game Theory, Development Economics, International Economics & Globalisation , Markets & Regulation, Monetary Policy & Banking, and Public Policy.

Is the Master's in Economics for you?

Studying economics gives you an understanding of the world we live in and its inner workings. If you have a natural interest in what makes the world tick, you have a head start. Economists analyse a situation, weigh up the evidence and draw various conclusions for policy action.

A critical, analytical mind and the ability to think logically are crucial, as is having a way with numbers and an affinity for math.

One programme, six tracks

The first block provides you with a solid foundation for all tracks. After choosing your track, you develop numerous skills such as data analysis, problem-solving, and using academic professional literature to provide expert advice.

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Career Prospects

Salaries for UvA MSc Economics graduates are the highest of any discipline (SEO Amsterdam Economics, 2018).

Time to find a job after graduation         :  3 months

Starting salary                                              : € 3,000

After graduation you are ready for a successful career as a researcher or an expert in organisations such as:

  • Commercial banks and national banks
  • European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, World Bank, International Monetary Fund
  • National governments
  • International organisations such as the EU
  • Applied research institutes
  • (Inter)nationally oriented consultancy firms

Top-5 reasons to study Economics at Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE)

  1. UvA’s excellent reputation in the field of economics
    Employers recognize you as an outstanding professional.
  2. Six specialisation tracks to choose from
    Giving you the chance to make a mark on your CV.
  3. Track specific courses involve business cases and real-life data
    Putting theory into practice with guest lectures from field experts.
  4. Top level economics research programme
    Connecting you to the most advanced techniques, practices and insights.
  5. UvA's excellent worldwide ranking (top-70) 
    Putting your Master’s degree on a worldwide map with interested employers.

MSc Economics
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