Art Studies (Arts and Culture)

The two-year Research Master's Art Studies is an intensive academic programme that enables you dig deeper into the part of the (art)world that interests you most.

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Bridging art and research

The multitude of theatres, galleries, museums and concert venues put Amsterdam at the very heart of arts and culture in the Netherlands. The two year Research programme Art Studies lets you dig deeper into the part of the (art)world where your interests lie most. It is an intensive academic programme that gives you the freedom to follow your own line of study.


Students submit a research proposal before the start of the programme. This, along with discussions with the programme director, forms the basis for the course of study. In the research proposal students write down their ideas for tutorials, a thesis and the three electives they wish to take. The electives can be chosen from the programmes Cultural Studies (Algemene cultuurwetenschappen), Art History (Kunstgeschiedenis), Musicology (Muziekwetenschap) or Theatre Studies (Theaterwetenschap). All students attend three core courses, which provide a theoretical background in Art Studies.

Two additional tracks are offered by the Research Master’s programme Art Studies:

  • Dutch Golden Age Studies, carried out in association with the Department of History and Area Studies, Dutch Studies, and the Amsterdam Centre for Golden Age Studies (ACSGA), and
  • Artistic Research, carried out in association with the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Sandberg Institute.

Degree certificate

The Research Master's programme Art Studies is an accredited degree programme of Arts and Culture. After successful completion of this programme, you will receive a legally accredited Master’s degree in Arts and Culture and the title Master of Arts (MA). 

Research MA Arts and Culture (research)
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120 EC, 24 maanden

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