Heritage, Memory and Archaeology (Research Master's)

The innovative two-year Research Master's programme Heritage, Memory and Archaeology explores the ways in which we deal with tangible and intangible remnants of the past, and how we construct history in the present.

A unique combination of scientific traditions

The two-year Research Master's programme in Heritage, Memory and Archaeology trains you to think critically about how human societies have dealt with the past in pre-modern times, as well as the diverse and conflicting ways in which the past is interpreted and put to use in the world today. Whether you choose to specialise in Heritage and Memory Studies or in Archaeology, this innovative programme offers a unique combination of scientific traditions and will give you a strong theoretical foundation in the fields of Heritage Studies, Memory Studies and Archaeology, and their intersections. 

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Degree certificate

The Research Master's in Heritage, Memory and Archaeology is an accredited degree programme of Archaeology. After successful completion of this programme, you will receive a legally accredited Master’s degree in Archaeology and the title Master of Arts (MA), as well as a supplemental certificate corresponding to your specialisation.

Research MA Archaeology
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